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Robert Vargas "continuing to push the limits"

The knowledge and connections I gained from this experience really opened my mind to the world of code. It also helped build on soft skills such as communicating a technical language that can be challenging to share with all type of people (developers & non-developers). A very valuable skill. This is far from the end and just another step into my career as a developer. One of my goals as a developer is to branch out from desktop, tablet and mobile devices and leak into wearable gadgets such as the Galaxy Gear, Google Glass and the upcoming Moto 360 watch. A few of us from the bootcamp are collaborating on new projects and continuing to push the limits.

Melissa Mesku"solid off-the-cuff advice"

[My CodeCloud mentor], Mike, is a great teacher. I'm not just a student, I am also a certified public school teacher and, as both, I can say [my mentor] has solid teaching skills. He started with a compact overview and good visual references, and then went in depth, consistently tying it all together before moving on to new information. The pacing of the information he presented was spot-on and he checked to make sure everybody was on board before moving ahead. He has a good sense of humor and kept things lighthearted and focused. Sure, he's a programmer, but you can tell he has a highly organized mind and he was able to impart that organizational structure in his presentation of the material. Students [in my fleet] also seemed to appreciate being able to ask him open questions ('So really, why do people say one programming language is better than another?') and receive candid, honest, and humorous answers. He also gave solid off-the-cuff advice. Thanks, Mike!

Matt Stein "non-technical founder"

[My mentor] did an amazing job explaining the technical side of a social network to this non-technical founder! He has a great personality and overall teaching style which made the class fun to attend. I would highly recommend this class for anyone who is interested in learning the 'behind the scenes' aspects of what makes sites like facebook run.

Edward Antoine "Helpful introduction

Good class! Helpful introduction to the 'nuts and bolts' of developing web applications - in a context we can all relate to (social networks).

Ryan Wiggins"extremely well executed"

I thought it was extremely well executed and I was able to learn a lot of applicable information.

Fiona McAlpine "More than Happy"

CodeCloud has opened up a whole world of possibility for The Fabric Social. As a small social enterprise, we work with silk weavers in Northeast India. We had no budget for app development, but desperately needed a system to formalize our operations, in a traditionally very informal work space. With the use of smartphones, we are able to track the hours worked and the type of fabric weaved. But the app isn’t just for our advantage, it also works for the weavers, who can check their earnings and have a direct line of connection with us wherever we are in the world. This eliminates the middle man and ensures that income always goes to the right place. The CodeCloud platform allows for new coders to practice out their new skills on us, and we are more than happy to have them!


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