• 1 Premium Project/month
  • Video tutorials & text-based documentation for
    your premium project
  • Full Project code-base downloads for all platforms

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  • Unlimited Premium Projects
  • Premium video tutorials & text-based documentation for your project
  • Full Project code-base downloads for all platforms

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  • Custom Curriculum Based on Your Operating System / Environment / Personal Goals
  • In-depth Text-based Documentation for Projects + Video based on your skill level
  • Work with Us as an Intern on Real Projects
  • Super-Fast Code Question Response Times
  • Option for Tech Recruiter Introductions

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  • What is the refund policy?

    If you are not pleased with your premium upgrade, we will refund the last monthly charge made. If you must discontinue for personal reasons, we will not bill you for the following month.

  • I see "premium curriculum". What exactly is offered in the $499+ plan?

    The premium curriculums on CodeCloud.me entail an in-depth bootcamp on any of the projects on CodeCloud.me you chose in a fashion that can make you a full-stack developer ready to apply for Junior Developer roles by the end of the bootcamp.
    Additionally, we get to know you and your goals, and tailor your coursework for those purposes, mixing pre-recorded premium content with content specifically for you, if necessary. If the project is web-based, you will also learn how to build the mobile app version for iOS and Android. Additionally, if it is app-based, you will learn the web version, as well. Additionally, you can make recommendations on specific platforms or libraries you would like to touch on during the bootcamp. We can't teach EVERYTHING, but we would like to accommodate you in specific requests where we can! The $499/mo gets you two premium videos each week and quick answers to code questions and problems. The $999/mo gets you that plus a few hours of 1-on-1 video-based mentorship each week with your assigned mentor.

  • What placement and recruitment services do you provide for premium members?

    Each week, we will connect you with introductions to recruiters in your area based on your skillset. Additionally, we will provide you with our resume tools and tutorials to create a stand-out resume to send to employers. Upon completing a bootcamp, we will also submit your resume on your behalf to up to 3 matching opportunities in your area per week on request.

  • What's the different between the $499/mo membership and the $999/mo membership?

    The $499/mo membership included a custom curriculum based on the user's skill level and commitment for the user's desired project. To add a specific project of your choice that is not included in the Dojo, please e-mail ,a href="mailto:info@codecloud.me">info@codecloud.me for options. The $999/mo includes up to 3-hours per week of 1-on-1 video-sharing/screen-sharing mentorship between 6:30pm and 12:30am PST, Mon- Fri. Weekend availability is also offered after completion of the second month or two-thirds completion of your project.

  • How long do the $499/mo and $999/mo bootcamps take?

    The estimated time period is 3 months; however, this is based on dedication, depth, and commitment time. If you don't have 15-20 hours a week to commit, you can take a lighter course and still complete your project. If you would like a more in-depth bootcamp, but lack time to work privately and in groups (15- 20 hours per week), the bootcamp completion could take additional time. This is also, as mentioned above, based on skill level.

  • Is there a group discount for the $499/mo and $999/mo packages?

    For every fifth member of your group who joins one of these packages, each of five members receive a 25% chargeback for the first month and a 25% discount for future months.

  • Can I switch plans?

    Yes, you can switch between plans at any time. Once you upgrade or downgrade, please send an e-mail to info@codecloud.me and your previous month's fee will be refunded as your new subscription starts.

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