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Ever wonder if there was a better option for home-cooked food at a neighbor’s house? Homebroil is a geolocational app that identifies independent chefs making home-cooked food near you. This app was built on top of the CodeSwatch Framework. You can help bring it from private alpha to public beta!

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Do you have extra clothes you don’t wear or anything else you think someone near you might be interested in purchasing? Posting items to Amazon or Craiglist can be a cumbersome process. However, what if selling an item was as easy as posting a photo to Instagram? Join up on TheGoods and help take this app from prototype to fully market ready!

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What if the next time you needed a ride, you could easily identify someone going the same way that you wee going? What if it was much cheaper than a taxi... or even free? CarPooler is an application we are building with the Government of Singapore to change the way people get from point A to B. Build your own version with us, and help people around the world save a buck or two. Maybe you might determine a different use case.

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    Perhaps you are a front-end developer, or perhaps an aspiring back-end coder. Maybe in your heart of hearts, you're truly dev-ops. You can always change you role on CodeCloud. You can think of this like when you start one of those games when you pick your affiliation. Except... in this game, you can change that affiliation at any time. So, don't sweat this step. We have a simple personality test we built that might be able to help you pick if you're not sure which position suits you best quite yet.
    Personality Test.

  • Get AssessedLet's see where you are

    For us to best assist you as you learn how to code, we offer a simple, multiple-choice quiz which lasts only 3 minutes (or less). This quiz has no influence on what you can access throughout CodeCloud. Simply, this lets our mentors know how to approach custom curriculums in the event you seek to do 1-on-1 training in our Dojo. Additionally, some members on our platform can recruit other members, and this is just a starting point which helps them make in-app recruitment decisions for team projects.

  • Get PlacedLand a mentor

    Once you finish taking your test, we assign you a mentor and associated projects. Most users on our platform share a common mentor, the founder of CodeCloud. Mike has developed lessons fo you to follow in order to build your portfolio of apps. Sometimes, Mike gets really busy, and we are a startup, so you may be assigned a different mentor. If you absolutely demand a certain mentor's assistance, send us a message, and we can see what we can work out for you! We are currently seeking more amazing mentors to help you grow in your quest for glory.

  • Start Your EnginesChoose a Project

    Now that you have a mentor, you can see a bunch of videos uploaded across a variety of projects (in most cases). Watch the videos from projects that interest you in the the Dojo. If you want to participate with others instead of building on your own, you can join a DeathStar team and build with others using our project management tool, along with Slack.

  • Deploy your appsPierce the Cloud

    We have developed curriculum which can hopefully help you get projects off the ground. Many of our videos are free to access. Additionally, we offer premium content for specific projects. If you're interested in that, simply reach out to your mentor or e-mail Our goal is to help you develop completed apps you can be proud to put in your portfolio. Also, we select the best developers on our platform to work with us on real applications generated through our CodeSwatch Framework.

We offer a mixture of free and premium content. Free users can access our curated list of learning tools, as well as most group-based projects.
Premium users can gain access to our self-directed CodeCloud Interactive Console (CiC). Additionally, we offer on-demand bootcamps that are personalized for mentee membership.

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